There are several reasons why our mind can think negatively before anything bad happens:

Evolutionary Adaptation: Our ancestors evolved to be constantly on the lookout for potential threats, as it helped them survive in dangerous environments. As a result, our brains are wired to perceive and react to negative information more strongly than positive information.

Past experiences: Negative experiences in the past can cause us to have negative thoughts and expectations about future events. If we have experienced something bad before, our brain may automatically assume that a similar negative outcome is likely to happen again.

Cognitive biases: Our brains are also subject to cognitive biases, which are errors in thinking that can lead us to focus on negative information more than positive information. For example, the negativity bias is the tendency for people to place more emphasis on negative experiences or information than positive ones.

Anxiety and Stress: When we feel anxious or stressed, it can be easier for our minds to gravitate towards negative thoughts. This is because anxiety and stress can make us feel more vulnerable and helpless, leading us to anticipate negative outcomes.

Overall, our brain’s tendency to think negatively can be seen as a natural response to perceived threats or past experiences. However, it’s important to recognize and challenge negative thoughts when they arise, as they can impact our mood and behavior in significant ways. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.